Why Muahdö?

Before any other posts, I understand an explanation for the naming of my ‘About’ page is due.

I’ll start with introducing you to verlan, a French argot (technique of slang) in which the syllables in a word are interchanged without retaining the same spelling, rather opting for the spelling that accurately represents the sound made by the syllable. One of the very beautiful uses of verlan is the nomenclature itself: L’invers (The Inverse, In English. Pronounced L-Awn-V-Air), when treated with verlan customs, ends up as: Verlan. TA-DAHH!

I hope that was comprehensive enough. This brings us to Muahdö, which, really, is just the verlan-treated form of De Moi, which, when translated from French, means Of/About Me 😀

Note: ö is pronounced -uh- and sometimes denoted as oe. œ, used in French and other Germanic Languages, also happens to be pronounced the same way.