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On the 16th of October,
I turned Sixteen.


And I celebrated it. With one of those teenage-party clichés as in: Dance, Music, Hugs, Punch Bowls, Hors d’ouvre, Strobe and Disco Lighting. Damn.

Okay I’ll just get this out of the way now, it’s contender for least LiT party of the year. There were like four of us dancing and different groups and whatever, not cohesive celebration.

Now why? Why would someone who would place the base of his aesthetic (Shit I sound like some generic Tumblr Inhabitant ;-;) in the concept of divergence and hates mainstream things put up the seventh birthday party of this sort this year within his class (With more to come, unequivocally)?

In fact, at every single one of these parties, I’ve found my mitumblr_nbc5yrmoqj1rvhqlvo1_540nd wander (Oh and I let it, like always) mid-shakedown, questioning my presence at such a cult-like congregation indulging in homogeneous rituals appeasing the banal and their metropolitan and adolescent desires and tendencies, scouring for petty alleviation. But what do they know of alleviation? 😒

To be honest, I only went ahead with something this hackneyed because by doing so, I could accumulate all the “friends” that had to be at my birthday party while still keeping my parents’ expenses to a minimum.

I do like dancing though. Always had a lithe (That’s euphemistic. I’ve always been the skinny kid, ribs pushing out of my midriff with a kind of force stronger and harder than my impotent arms ever could ) body, danced on stage multiple times (Ooh I love stage-work but that’s for another post, ehh xD) and I’m always in rhythm (tapping of feet, bobbing of head sort of). I adore how it’s more than just a form of expression, it’s really a plethora of forms of expression. Perfect. A superpower to augment existentialism, of course it had to become so prosaic and conventional 😒 In a time where even literature depicting the ban of literature (Ha ha)(See: 1984 and The Book Thief, amongst others) is celebrated then sensationalised to the point of adherence for its popularity and not its content and this too is now mainstream :/  Where was I? 😂 Right, in such an age, where such literature is elucidating the importance of books and poetry and propaganda (which mind you, is in no way ebbing), maybe bans on dancing and music would rejuvenate the true meaning and love of music and dance, mainly (preferably limited to xD) to those who may be zealous enough to revolt against such oppressive doctrine.

I really amn’t much of a party-thrower, to be fair. I mean, I’m pretty widely known and acquainted and have a taste for art (in every sense, like all those different kinds of art that goes into throwing a party) but crowds just really aren’t for me. Especially not parties or crowds of this kind, I’d expect from myself. But that doesn’t mean I’m bothered by them hmm. In fact, I can quite enjoy them most of the time so I guess all that justified this to me.

Honestly I don’t think there’s much more I’d ever appreciate than to spend time with my best friend, as many hours as possible and then a sleepover but our fantastic fortune, we’re not of the same sex :/ and have near-stereotypical conservative Indian parents. It’s all very intriguing, really. We’re both insomniacs so it’s quite the workout trying to decipher whether we’d fall asleep immediately (humans tend to sleep far better in the presence of a loved one) or amuse ourselves doing all those things we love doing under the moonlight. To add a tad more specificity, I’d love for us to just have hot mugs of coffee, sitting at the window sill whilst it’s chilly and pattering outside :’) . All this in each other’s embrace, of course xD
(psst – I know you’re reading this <3)

Damn that’s some tangent I had going on (or rather off HAHAHA) there, back to the focus of this post in 3..2..1..

Y’know, I began writing this without a single idea on what to write about. Really only because it was a while since I’d posted anything aha.

Right so even after all ^^^^ that, why’d I opt for a party this year?
Because Significance of Sixteen

16 or the addition of the digits, 1+6=7. These two numbers have undoubtedly accompanied significance over the course of my life, beginning with my birthdate to the shirt numbers I wore in the football teams in my youth and the list is endless haha. So symbolism of 16, fantastic.


Well this year, I was turning 16, on the 16th of O


Given my character and the times, Salty Sixteen is more like it lmao

ctober, 2016. The one birthday I’d looked forward to with such immense ardour for as long as my memory allows :’)

Now I think that’s why I went beyond tolerating this kind of birthday party, I enjoyed it :’),

The featured image, if it caught our fancy, is a Vishuddha Chakra, the centre of purification and a symbol of creativity and self-expression as well as the power to transfigure anything into wisdom and learning. It is also deeply associated with the qualities of listening and speech (Both of which deserve individual posts, all in good time) Well, how very me haha 🙂 In addition, it also has 16 petals on it.Perfect.