It takes a bit to realise that Superman’s greatest weakness wasn’t Kryptonite but the fact that he let himself be no more than a Cold War) weapon.The same goes for Doctor Manhattan. And a great majority of the rest of us.

It takes a bit to realise that Superman’s greatest weakness wasn’t Kryptonite but the fact that he let himself be no more than a Cold War) weapon.The same goes for Doctor Manhattan. And a great majority of the rest of us.


bucket hat//arizona // yung lean

All you do is run away,

Think you’re being really brave,

But all you do is enjoy the pain,

Feel it all, staying awake,

All you do is cry your days away,

Assuming your beliefs are great,

All you do is waste your stay in this world that doesn’t pay,

All you do is stay refrained,

Unadhering to the game,

Yet all you do is entangle yourself in the play that’s only humane,

Shift the blame, 

Although it’s not on your display,

All you do is declare

Your heart of despair,

Only to tear,

All you do is plead to be spared

Half-heartedly, and oh, “life’s unfair”?

You’d give anything for a delay,

You in your arrays of decay; you splay clay with grey,

You can’t obey, you can’t weigh,

No beret, no cabaret,

Resort to prayer,

All you do is proclaim that you’re not austere,

All you do is think you’re prepared,

The jacket and hair, feign debonair,

Strut, ex unico fonte fanfare,

Till you swap your lil’ square

For something to wear

Six feet beneath a breath of fresh air.





the art of misconstrual.

(been on my mind for a couple of hours, this has)
(again with us humans being funny-weird xD)

Now this actually came to me as I sat in a library with some English Literature assignments sprawling before me. Well no, it had nothing to do with the literature though xD
Atleast not this one 😉

Well my untamable thoughts spread to Death (no don’t worry, I’m neither nihilist nor suicidal 🙂 )in one direction and to the undeniably catchy song, ‘The Sound’ by The 1975 which has this one line;

There’s so much skin to see, A simple Epicurean philosophy

And this is aallllll about transient pleasure and sex kay
Okay? Yeah so it got me thinking like wait a minute but the Epicurean perspectives on not fearing death definitely don’t comply with the terribly common understanding that anything ‘Epicurean’ advocates sex and hedonism.

Truth is; Epicurus never really vouched for these, atleast not explicitly. As a philosopher, his ideologies lie in happiness, life and contentment.

Now that’s quite a bit of a misconstrual.

(Well do expect more on the art of misconstrual 🙂 Definitely gonna revisit this in serious detail sometime it’s quite banter really xD)

Clamp Down (My Face)

(do note: this glorious event took place some twenty-two hours ago and that would explain why this sounds like really unnatural writing ehh finally something I could shove in the face of people who told me I look like a good poet xD except this blog and its material isn’t open to people I know barring two so it’s not like I can actually show people this ugh)

Clamped down.
Do you know what waterboarding is?
Was that a no
I’d heard; thought so.

Lemme, use this opportunity
To educate ya fool,
You get one lesson in theory,
So do apprehend that water’s just a tool.

The only thing I felt before I rose,
Like the pick of the deep-fryer,
Was the heat, humidity
And a headache; all verbose.

Then found myself lying gratefully on the
Frigid bathroom floor that had flown to
Meet my jaw,
And I thought that was a fin to a vie sans amour.

Somehow swaying back to my feet,
A million annoying motivation songs
Flooded my ears otherwise kaput,
But the travail prolonged.

Two feeble tugs at the taunting towel
And an instinctive wrap-around,
Meant my pallid face
Would be the first sight when I was found.

Groped at the floor, fumbled into the door,
All I needed was to feel
The metal of the lock
But like my eyes and stream of thought:
I was just blocked.

No less-blinded
Two heaving breaths later,
I rolled out
On a steaming platter.

I still don’t know how long I lay there
But I got back up,
Dappled shoulders, brined hair,
I made a mistake, yup.

Only four slippery steps
And palm-marks on white walls,
And I was facedown yet again,
Expecting a pall.

But here, twenty-two hours in the future,
I haven’t yet seen Death’s embouchure,
And maybe I amn’t as beholden,
Don’t know how to end this;
And I find that golden.

(yeah well, I still don’t know if it was a blackout or did I even faint or what? I have been constantly ill for a little over two months now hmm. When I made it out the room; I walked out with a very indifferent demeanour, no doubt intentional. Heck, I forgot to look at the time as well xD Would have given me some clue as to what happened. Heh I just blew up a simple stagger and made it sound like I’m dying in like four-hundred words holy shit. Soon as I actually manage to binge-watch something; I can officially be the angsty teenager my parents are always complaining about 🙂 yay)


the fridge paradox

(this is all funny really hahaha us humans *smh* xD)
(also intriguing. and fascinating, hence why it’s up here haha)

Okay look, you know when you keep revisiting the fridge even when you know there’s nothing in there and you’ve made this journey a hundred times already in the last hour.

Yeah, that’s The Fridge Paradox.

(and yes, I’m too lazy and sick and broken to continue all of this. I will indefinitely elaborate though; do revisit if you found this intriguing haha 🙂 )