Before going ahead, I understand an explanation is in order regarding the titular peculiarity ^^. I’ll save the details for another post but all you need to know for now is that this^^ is how I’ve decided to refer to my ‘About’ page.

HELLO! You can know me as “Rock“, which happens to be my undeniably kickass surname xD

Born in the ex-French colony of Pondicherry, India and of French descent. Now in Singapore for educational vocations following twelve-and-a-half years in Malaysia. Anything but your average teenager.

I am privileged with three talents, which, according to my observation, happen to be excruciatingly rare amongst others; The Powers of Thought, Speech and Comprehension. Now that’s the basis of why I believe this blog is so unique for anyone who’d ever stumble upon it xD

I’ve an intriguing fascination and pure love for hair medium-to-long length and an undeniable taste for the well-dressed.tumblr_nnf5i7boeq1s0aukwo1_500

I’ve grown up with and around football constantly throughout my life. I’ve always been a die-hard supporter of London-based Arsenal (This one’s fascinating, almost like it runs in the blood because my tumblr_nt83ncn57g1qaorn7o1_r1_500father, my grandfather and all my uncles happen to be Arsenal fans so you can only imagine the kind of atmosphere I’d grown up in xD).On the pitch, I’d take an assist over a goal anyday (Fact: I share my birthday with Mesut Özil 😉 ).

I think I always form sentimental connections with everything, too fast, and to last:
Everything, from my school socks to my pennies xD

I’ve been an insomniac for as long as my memory (which, mind you, happens to be quite exceptional xD) allows (NO I’m not one of those pretentious teens who stay up all night staring into a screen and then call themselves insomniacs.

I’m always mid-rumination, I’m a thinker. I ALWAYS overthink, which should be a peek into just how much of a pensive existentialist I am (I mean, it’s on my homepage as well ahaha). #neverstopcogitating.

I absolutely adore speaking. Speech is my (and I believe it is the) greatest, most potent asset one can possess (no wait; only after The Power of Thought xD). Ahh I can often be the super-verbose type but I love that; reflects my nature of overthinking and Perfectionist prioritisation of detail haha.

I tend to be super ambitious in what I do, nevertheless whether or not I’m doing it of my own accord. Probably my inbred desire for divergence. Never have I ever  wandered away from that (okay, that’s a little hyperbolic; I’ve gone through times sans an distinctive identity)


I think a blog’s such a fantastic form of solace; it’s the best sort of mirror. moi-rror, if you like hahaha.

Shoutout and great thanks to the extremely inspiring blogs of my friends 😀 Go follow ’em because it’s worth it;

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Indivualist. Existentialist. Philosopher. Psychologist. Anarchist. Mentor. Counselor. Footballer. Biblio-Enthusiast. Compassion Docent. Defier of Paradigms. Linguaphile (That’s a Polyglot-Wannabe). Woke. Millenium Baby. Artist. Krithik Medwin Rock