It’s a very fine line separating satire/sarcasm and soliloquy. You walk it far too often but never find yourself on the side you intended to be on.

It’s a very fine line separating satire/sarcasm and soliloquy. You walk it far too often but never find yourself on the side you intended to be on.


It takes a bit to realise that Superman’s greatest weakness wasn’t Kryptonite but the fact that he let himself be no more than a Cold War) weapon.The same goes for Doctor Manhattan. And a great majority of the rest of us.

It takes a bit to realise that Superman’s greatest weakness wasn’t Kryptonite but the fact that he let himself be no more than a Cold War) weapon.The same goes for Doctor Manhattan. And a great majority of the rest of us.

the art of misconstrual.

(been on my mind for a couple of hours, this has)
(again with us humans being funny-weird xD)

Now this actually came to me as I sat in a library with some English Literature assignments sprawling before me. Well no, it had nothing to do with the literature though xD
Atleast not this one 😉

Well my untamable thoughts spread to Death (no don’t worry, I’m neither nihilist nor suicidal 🙂 )in one direction and to the undeniably catchy song, ‘The Sound’ by The 1975 which has this one line;

There’s so much skin to see, A simple Epicurean philosophy

And this is aallllll about transient pleasure and sex kay
Okay? Yeah so it got me thinking like wait a minute but the Epicurean perspectives on not fearing death definitely don’t comply with the terribly common understanding that anything ‘Epicurean’ advocates sex and hedonism.

Truth is; Epicurus never really vouched for these, atleast not explicitly. As a philosopher, his ideologies lie in happiness, life and contentment.

Now that’s quite a bit of a misconstrual.

(Well do expect more on the art of misconstrual 🙂 Definitely gonna revisit this in serious detail sometime it’s quite banter really xD)

IB is the suppressor.

(in the true spirit of The MonarchofMidnight, this post will keep expanding, so do feel free to come back and check up on any updates as frequently as you wish :D)
(With around ten months left till I myself am an IB-Student embroiled in it all, perhaps this wasn’t the right time to bring this whole thing up but ehh; anything to fill up my posts xD)

Now to briefly explain what IB is; short for International Baccalaurate Diploma Programme. The final two years of high school; equivalent of the A Levels, baccalauréat in France, etc.

iblearnerprofileI’ll begin by stating that my critical opinions about the IB-Diploma Program begin a whole two years ago; a foot out of what I’d enclosed myself in: an impressionable Eighth Grader open to all paths with an almost backfiringly open-mind. I’d always had a fancy for thought and divergence (but that’s something for another post xD – all in good time, of course) and by then, I’d began thinking a little broader, past my teenage life, which I then decided, would be anything but indifferent or previously seen in someone else.
The night that I first stumbled upon the IB Learner Profile (See: Obvious Image) grâce à posters all across classrooms and corridors in school, my boundless thoughts drove me to pose my arguments to  my mother, with a very minuscule sense of bravado, considering that my father himself is an IB Teacher. I’d went to her, stating that these qualities, although seemingly positively inclined and harmless, came with taglines stating that these were “required” qualities for an IB student, which was made up to be the high school termination of the highest esteem, acknowledgement and prestige.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own, completely u
nique interpretations to ezgif-com-video-to-gifabsolutely anything and I saw this “requirement” as a systematic protocol, the image I’d formed was like standing before a gateway of the last room(the end/exit of high school) before I could jump out the window into the wider, open world (if I survived the fall, of course xD) and being pulled apart, cut up, severed, pressed hydraulically and put back together in a mixture that did not differ from the way others before me had walked and those after me would walk through that door.

like a system ^

And it’s no secret that system and indifference and routine are things that inhabit the finite space on the list of things I hate. Well, to put it lightly, my mother was quite intimidatingly unamused: “Thank God your father wasn’t here to hear that”.

Now back ttumblr_ocs1v0nsmv1v6dm28o1_400o the image of the suppressor; in fact the visualization

I’m going for here is of a complete firearm, in all its threat, poetic beauty and of course powers of disillusionment.

Picture the developmental/preparation stages of an individual’s life; schooling, education, learning from parents/peers/elders/*insert absolutely anything you like because it’s a perpetually-growing list*: When one is (consciously or against their knowledge) in a fascinatingly impressionable state. That’s the gun as well as the wielder, who directs the point of its cross-hairs’ focus.


Please forgive and ignore the fact that it’s very evidently Shutterstock :/

It’s what fires one through the zephyrous troposphere of their often vacuous lifetimes, towards a target; pseudonymmed an ambition, a purpose.

You getting an idea of what I’m going at here?

So that’s your rudimentary base, that has aimed and fired you at an epitomisingly (in)humane and materialistic goal; a Point of Promised Satisfaction, Success and Repose. Heck, it still sounds a tad appealing. *disgusted*

Where does the title fit in here? Note: A suppressor or silencer is an attachment to the nose of a gun, muffling its flash, noise and sometimes range. Now that’s the latter stages of school education and this is where the whole part about IB’s “requirements” shaping endowments shine through. It’s a Suppressor, a Silencer. And a masqued, alluding one at that too.

Right nowtumblr_od3lmflpnx1sjih2oo1_500, some of you (if anyone is at all reading) may be wondering, “What is his point? That no one has a choice and we’re all heading towards predetermined cusps?”tumblr_oc4rpy9xl01vayf5lo1_500

Well broaden your perspective, take a (actually, the more; the better) step back.

Sometimes the nose is aimed into the free skies.
Emphasis on ‘free’.

Sometimes, a gun is fired not not in accordance with its conventional purpose (jejune, trite), but with the aim of creating something exotic, obscure and unfamiliar: Anarchy.

Fired to make some noise.
To shift attention.
To shift Paradigms.
To instill domination and discomposure.
To make a statement.
To act as a symbol.
A symbol, an idea that, when carried; becomes a shield, even a battering ram.

Take a moment to look away from the screen or read all that again. Let it all sink in.

Why were you fired?

Philosophy avec Krithik: Leçon n°1

Smart vs Intelligent

note: Philosophy posts, in an epitomising manifestation of philosophy and the art of thought themselves, tend to be ever-expanding. Therefore, I’d suggest anyone reading this post who found themselves fascinated by it to come back to this post when they feel like because I will keep adding to it as and when my stream of thought does so 🙂

I really amn’t one for judging people and ^these^ are just lifestyles I’ve noticed and studied.

Of course, most jargon is misinterpreted, if you like, nowadays. How often do you hear the words, “Retard” or “Depressed” or “Manipulative” or “Cute” or “Bipolar” flung around? Just like all words of any language, they have specific purposes.

Every word and every phrase, has its purpose, has its place.  

And thus, I believe they should be respected and utilised (or exploited) appropriately.

This brings us to the often mistaken, misused and believed-to-be-interexchangeable adjectives of Intelligence, (Studious) Diligence, Ability to Memorise, Academic Excellence, Intelligence Quotient, Wisdom and/or Cleverness.

Of course, I myself may be wrong in the understanding and my personal, opinionated utilisation of these words as well, but I stuck with how the words felt to me (More on my feeling later).


The most easily-identifiable features that give away someone smart include excelling academically and chronically being in the good books of everyone. They need not be the muggers; as in those who tend to memorise everything with the aim of reaping as many marks or as high a grade as possible. Instead, to put it very simply, they’re the ones who are succesful (only by the standards dictated by everyone who isn’t intelligent enough and believe in such paradigms), regardless of in what industry. For example, the celebrated sportsperson is just as smart as the class-topper. You may be thinking that this is inaccurately generalised but that’s the thing; Everybody’s Really Smart. 

It’s the result of growing up in the world we live in and believing what we’re taught and what we see and being told what’s wrong and what’s right. Because Smart is, in practice and in theory, the (near) flawless execution of all that ^.

Why do we believe all that? Because everything’s doctored so comprehensively and in such convincing fashion. Why is it right? Because we’re told so. And this sums up the continuum and in turn, human tendency; which I’m going to harshly label as Ironic Blind Faith.

I may seem to be describing this in such critical and vitriolic fashion but, really, it isn’t anywhere near as bad. Smart is the sure-fire way to success (atleast as far as the dictated standards go). Nothing wrong with it, it’s the best to ensure your Darwinism in what man has made of today’s world, really.

Why think about unapproachably large things that don’t necessarily affect you when you could rather be earning a title or working towards something big worth it in order to reap the rewards and buy what you want and hit the dancefloor when you want because you can,right?

Wrong, albeit only for a certain few of us for whom none of these ^ are satisfactory. If you don’t see yourself among us, do not fret, you’re not wrong xD


If smart is knowing how to execute something and even knowing why so, Intelligent is comprehending completely why.

Not something you learn, really. Rather, it’s something that you grow into, if you like. Intelligence is not something that you can learn, but something that helps you learn, for real. Not something you can call upon at will, but an independant being in itself (either not very good at handling the masses or prefers to be picky, evident in the number of genuinely intelligent people)

Intelligence conceives ideas and opinions that differ from the others; because they aren’t thought of or influenced by the others.

The Art of Thought. Individualistic Thought.

A general inference that I’ve made is that Intelligence is usually complimented by unimpeachable oratorship and comprehensive skills. Intelligence brings new grounds to debates and offer eye-opening perspectives.

To sum it up, really, The Intelligent are those who can think for themselves.