the nativity

that’s right; your not-so-favourite, not-too friendly, not-in-your-neighbourhood, pretentious nyctophile turns a year old!!1!1!

(Oops, can we overlook the slight cynicism ^ we’v ebit of an occasion here haha)

Around the same hours of midnight – between eleven-thirty-ish, the evening of the tenth till the early hours, perhaps four on the morning of the eleventh of April, twenty-sixteen – a slightly more idealistic, self-assured teenager than myself of today found this blog.

Well, to be a little more truthful and copious; He’d found TheMonarchofMidnight several months before that in his own head, a little under two years ago from tonight. However, it hadn’t been christened then and so the boy – going through the most despondent and defining times of his life – had to put on hold any idea of beginning a blog for a bit.

Now as for the origins of his idea; they’d all come together swiftly and convincingly. It was truly fascinating how in the matter of a week, I’d revisited a defunct old Blogspot domain (my first blog :’) ), had my father explain in what way and to what extent a blog or YouTube channel of my own would affect my applications for further education and most significantly – I’d discovered three of the four most influential personal blogs in my life:


Curated by my own friends a couple of years older than me, these were
people I already looked up to. And the material on their blogs cemented it – they’ve been some of the most influential people in my life and most definitely for TMoM. Apart from the fact that many a time their words gave me drive through challenging times, they indubitably set the stage for fledgling TMoM.

And for many months, after times had lost the roughening in them and I’d envisioned a blog of my own but being the perfectionist I was; I’d needed an idiosyncratic name, which the others seemed to have nailed in very genius fashion ^ xD like, for re

It genuinely took that long just to figure out a name that sufficed to stand for me 😂

I’d really wanted this to be on the quieter side though; and so this is the only person, even to date, that I’ve discussed a blog of my own with in person.


Which’d be Queertastic :’)

“Oh I have a blog too, I’ve just began actually” xD

She’s been everything these last two years. There’s nothing I haven’t shared with her and there’s been nobody in my entire life that I’ve learnt more from. The angel’s kept my engines running.

I’d actually introduced the the aforementioned blogs to her before that and to have another figure that I’d already looked up to, precede TMoM and even give birth to it – was incredibly valuable.

And soon enough of course, the four-word conglomeration that I’d been considering rolled off my tongue and Queertastic thought well of it too.

The only thing left to do:
A WordPress registration, early morning, 11/4/16 :’)
And hence, the impressionable Pikin‘s idea had now become his mantle.

The genesis of TMoM was symbol of me at my best; it came at the right time. And hence, this empowering, liberating blogspace is my Patronus against the Dementors of quotidian life (which I’m probably just too weak to handle).

Here’s to more from Midnight’s Very Own; au revoir 🙂giphy1


ode to anti-hero everyman.

(wowww it has been a while, hasn’t it? I apologise. I’m horrific under a workload. I often convince myself I have an XXL one as well ugh xD)
(on a more post content-related note; open your eyes because you’re almost always gonna find an anti-hero everyman, almost everywhere. always. everywhere. almost.)

Oh blind-side plus,
Won’t call someone outright “beautiful” or “intelligent”,
But you still know how to treat us.

Oh boy never-next-door,
You’ll say we’re “not-dumb” and “not-ugly”,
No wonder everyone thinks of you an extra bore,
But they never got to know you more.

Oh classroom anti-hero,
Not even you know
That you’re the quotidian key-role,
The bridge between the feel-good that grows
To make us feel-great, us undeserving minnows.

Exploited blind-side plus,
Angelic boy never-next-door,
My purposeful pulse,
Oh classroom anti-hero.

bucket hat//arizona // yung lean

All you do is run away,

Think you’re being really brave,

But all you do is enjoy the pain,

Feel it all, staying awake,

All you do is cry your days away,

Assuming your beliefs are great,

All you do is waste your stay in this world that doesn’t pay,

All you do is stay refrained,

Unadhering to the game,

Yet all you do is entangle yourself in the play that’s only humane,

Shift the blame, 

Although it’s not on your display,

All you do is declare

Your heart of despair,

Only to tear,

All you do is plead to be spared

Half-heartedly, and oh, “life’s unfair”?

You’d give anything for a delay,

You in your arrays of decay; you splay clay with grey,

You can’t obey, you can’t weigh,

No beret, no cabaret,

Resort to prayer,

All you do is proclaim that you’re not austere,

All you do is think you’re prepared,

The jacket and hair, feign debonair,

Strut, ex unico fonte fanfare,

Till you swap your lil’ square

For something to wear

Six feet beneath a breath of fresh air.






(in the true spirit of The MonarchofMidnight, this post will keep expanding, so do feel free to come back and check up on any updates as frequently as you wish :D)
(this happens to be my first poem/song xD I amn’t taking into consideration that one vain, clueless four-line, twenty-word attempt in fifth grade xD)
(I believe an apology is in order for about four months sans blog activity :/ )
sucker for art
sucker for thought
want a restart
I’m a sucker always fraught
sucker for perfection

sucker for irony
test my comprehension
I’m a sucker for my rivalries

so much obscurity

I don’t do sororities
try to tame my polarity
pseudonym-ed temerity
sucker for my backseats
she a genius
just like we
striking uniqueness
king and queen
ayy you’re sixteen
‘pparently I’ve a smokescreen
the greatest of us contravene
off the beaten track
don’t fear attack
daily throwbacks
walk with this colourful megalomaniac
phase out
faze out
this hedonist
knows his ways out
sybaritic, that’s what this man is
no emotion, that’s what business is
approach me at your own risk, mortal
I could quiz your biz
can’t run away from schisms
creating rifts everywhere I go
shifts in paradigms and lore
man’s such a whizz, such a prism
all you bourbonists
rests for your wrists
while you tresspass her frists
why make me clench my fists
sucker you’ve scheduled our next trist
beat yo’ ass greased
I still ain’t appeased
maybe should’ve remained a priest
what a beast
pissed and unpeaced
peeeved and pieced
my fea(s)ts are cannibalistic

Why Muahdö?

Before any other posts, I understand an explanation for the naming of my ‘About’ page is due.

I’ll start with introducing you to verlan, a French argot (technique of slang) in which the syllables in a word are interchanged without retaining the same spelling, rather opting for the spelling that accurately represents the sound made by the syllable. One of the very beautiful uses of verlan is the nomenclature itself: L’invers (The Inverse, In English. Pronounced L-Awn-V-Air), when treated with verlan customs, ends up as: Verlan. TA-DAHH!

I hope that was comprehensive enough. This brings us to Muahdö, which, really, is just the verlan-treated form of De Moi, which, when translated from French, means Of/About Me 😀

Note: ö is pronounced -uh- and sometimes denoted as oe. œ, used in French and other Germanic Languages, also happens to be pronounced the same way.