Philosophy avec Krithik: Leçon n°1

Smart vs Intelligent

note: Philosophy posts, in an epitomising manifestation of philosophy and the art of thought themselves, tend to be ever-expanding. Therefore, I’d suggest anyone reading this post who found themselves fascinated by it to come back to this post when they feel like because I will keep adding to it as and when my stream of thought does so 🙂

I really amn’t one for judging people and ^these^ are just lifestyles I’ve noticed and studied.

Of course, most jargon is misinterpreted, if you like, nowadays. How often do you hear the words, “Retard” or “Depressed” or “Manipulative” or “Cute” or “Bipolar” flung around? Just like all words of any language, they have specific purposes.

Every word and every phrase, has its purpose, has its place.  

And thus, I believe they should be respected and utilised (or exploited) appropriately.

This brings us to the often mistaken, misused and believed-to-be-interexchangeable adjectives of Intelligence, (Studious) Diligence, Ability to Memorise, Academic Excellence, Intelligence Quotient, Wisdom and/or Cleverness.

Of course, I myself may be wrong in the understanding and my personal, opinionated utilisation of these words as well, but I stuck with how the words felt to me (More on my feeling later).


The most easily-identifiable features that give away someone smart include excelling academically and chronically being in the good books of everyone. They need not be the muggers; as in those who tend to memorise everything with the aim of reaping as many marks or as high a grade as possible. Instead, to put it very simply, they’re the ones who are succesful (only by the standards dictated by everyone who isn’t intelligent enough and believe in such paradigms), regardless of in what industry. For example, the celebrated sportsperson is just as smart as the class-topper. You may be thinking that this is inaccurately generalised but that’s the thing; Everybody’s Really Smart. 

It’s the result of growing up in the world we live in and believing what we’re taught and what we see and being told what’s wrong and what’s right. Because Smart is, in practice and in theory, the (near) flawless execution of all that ^.

Why do we believe all that? Because everything’s doctored so comprehensively and in such convincing fashion. Why is it right? Because we’re told so. And this sums up the continuum and in turn, human tendency; which I’m going to harshly label as Ironic Blind Faith.

I may seem to be describing this in such critical and vitriolic fashion but, really, it isn’t anywhere near as bad. Smart is the sure-fire way to success (atleast as far as the dictated standards go). Nothing wrong with it, it’s the best to ensure your Darwinism in what man has made of today’s world, really.

Why think about unapproachably large things that don’t necessarily affect you when you could rather be earning a title or working towards something big worth it in order to reap the rewards and buy what you want and hit the dancefloor when you want because you can,right?

Wrong, albeit only for a certain few of us for whom none of these ^ are satisfactory. If you don’t see yourself among us, do not fret, you’re not wrong xD


If smart is knowing how to execute something and even knowing why so, Intelligent is comprehending completely why.

Not something you learn, really. Rather, it’s something that you grow into, if you like. Intelligence is not something that you can learn, but something that helps you learn, for real. Not something you can call upon at will, but an independant being in itself (either not very good at handling the masses or prefers to be picky, evident in the number of genuinely intelligent people)

Intelligence conceives ideas and opinions that differ from the others; because they aren’t thought of or influenced by the others.

The Art of Thought. Individualistic Thought.

A general inference that I’ve made is that Intelligence is usually complimented by unimpeachable oratorship and comprehensive skills. Intelligence brings new grounds to debates and offer eye-opening perspectives.

To sum it up, really, The Intelligent are those who can think for themselves.